A busy Christmas day

Well Chritmas came and went in a flash this year!
We had a lovely Christmas with family, all the fun started on the last day of the school term with a super fast trip to visit my family. They weren’t spending Christmas with us it was a nice little trip with my and the girls, Ol couldn’t make it due to working.
We came home the next day as there were still lots of preparation to do for the big day, house to clean, shopping to do, gifts to wrap etc.
I don’t think I will ever go food shopping again so close to Christmas again.
It was the day before Christmas eve and OMG Asda was rammed with way to many people.
I wasn’t even doing a big shop just a normaly weekly shop. I saw so many trollys overflowing with food and alcohol. People spend way to much on food that they are never going to eat.
After we had run the gauntlet of the shopping it was home where I spent the afternoon cleaning.
We had friends round in the evening for tea and once my girls had gone to bed we chilled with a DVD it was so nice.
Chritmas eve came and the kids were getting very excited and kept asking if we could check NORAD to see where Father Christmas was.
We had a pretty lazy morning and in the afternoon we had family round and we all helped prepare the food for the next day it was lovely and took the stress off me a little bit (as I was cooking Christmas day).
When we had checked NORAD a million times during they day, we just left the computer on and the girls took it upon themselves to check out where he was and report to us. Imogen was a whizz on the computer and navigating round.
When we finally got them in bed it took them forever to go to sleep they were way to excited.
I must admit me and Oliver were excited too. We were awake at 4am haha.
We were woken up at 6:30am by Lucy and she wanted to wake Imogen. It took us a very long time to open presents, we let the girls open all theirs first and then opened mummy and daddy’s.
Before long it was almost lunchtime and I am pleased to say that everything went well we didn’t forget anything and nothing was burnt so that was a success :o)
We spent the afternoon playing board games and UNO so much fun.
I think we were all well and truly worn out by bed time.
I hope you all had a fab Christmas.