A blogging family

So it seems I am not the only blogger in this house anymore. 
What was once my secret place to come an rant has now become family reading.
I never really told the Mr that I blogged maybe briefly when he asked what I was up to on the computer and saying I was reading blogs etc. Then a few weeks ago he had encouraged my eldest to start a blog, they had done a topic on it during ICT about new papers and bloggers. As a year group they set up their own blog that was administered by their teachers. Theres also a tv show she likes called A Dog Who Blogs or something like that.
 The Mr encouraged her to start her own blog where she can write what she wants, he told her mum blogs and well that was it she wanted to see what my blog was like. So after a little look at mine we set her up with her on blog bearing in mind she has only blogged once since it was set up I’m sure she would blog more but with school work etc I’m sure she will write more in the summer.
Here she is writing her first post.
 Then out of the blue Mr says he wanted to start blogging too! When I asked what he wanted to blog about he simply said sport…. I don’t even know why I asked he’s obsessed with sport its never off the tv lol. He has been busy writing ever since and now we argue who’s going to get to use the computer.
Here is a link to his blog all about the towns rugby and football teams  Mr’s Blog.
I now am not longer allowed to rant especially about the Mr he has my blog bookmarked and regularly pops by to have a read ( more like seeing what I’m up to, you can smile Mr I know your reading!) and tells me that I haven’t blogged in a few days and to get writing.
I need to come up with some kind of code that he wont understand