31 Day blog challenge- DAY 1

So while I was browsing Britmums i came across the 31 Day challenge on this blog
So I have decided to give it a go, even tho I am a day late.
So here goes 
Day 1-  Introduction and recent photo
OK my name is Rachel or loopyrach, I’m 28years old, married for almost 10years and also a mummy to two girls ages 8 and 4.
I live in the Northwest UK.
I am a stay at home mum who is trying to get back in to work as a teaching assistant.
I started bloging as my place to vent and keep a record of things that happen in out busy life.
I love reading blogs, books. Music is awesome, I enjoy photography, spending quality time with the family.
so here is my recent photo taken just the other day :o)