100 years of the Illuminations

WOW I didnt realise it has been going for 100 years…..
Im talking about Blackpool Illumination’s you can check out their site for more information here
We go every year with living just a short car ride away and yes its tacky but its great to see the kids faces when they see all the different lights. 
This year we went straight from school where we had fish and chips for out tea… well you cant go to Blackpool and not have fish and chips!!! 
After we had filled our tummies we thought it would be nice to walk on the beach down to south pier, we normally park around central pier. 
We were met by this beautiful sight
This photo has no filter
It was so beautiful just to walk along the beach here are some other pictures 

It was great the kids loved running on the beach and writing things in the sand although Lucy complained of being “cold” it wasn’t cold it was a lovely dry evening with very little windy and warm compared to some of the years that we have been. 
So we walked the 0.6miles down to south pier to go and have some fun.
The girls started with a game of air hockey what you cant see in this picture is Imogen standing on a lil stool. HAHA
It was then on to the 2p slots, its amazing how £1 in 2ps can keep two girls busy for ages.

I do like to have a go at the cuddly grab machines and was lucky enough to win a moshi monster which  Imogen has claimed.

So by now it was dark enough for all the lights to be on and the walk back up to central pier

We spotted a tram that was all lit up like a train and a nice driver who waved as we stood and watched it ride by.

So on the way we decided it was time for 
“Dohnuts” and a coffee
We loved seeing the lights and having lots of fun on the pier but my best bit was the walk along the beach listening to the sound of the waves. 
and having family time