My Sunday Photo

This past week we have spent sometime down in London enjoying the sights. With Big Ben having work done to him he looked rather cosy wrapped in his scaffolding. So as I was trying to get a shot this guy decided he wanted to be in the picture and when he was striking his best poses who wouldn’t take a photo of him…

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Getting behind the wheel for the first time

Do you remember the first time that you got behind the wheel of a car?

I remember it like it was yesterday, but  when thinking about it was 16 years ago! WOW that was a long time ago. Learning to drive was quite a scary thing really and it still is for some people. We have joked that it won’t be that long before my eldest will be learning drive, well it is 3 years but that will go by in a flash.

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Sorry, I cant quite hear you…

I thought I would come and tell you about something that has been going on with me for a while now. In fact its something that has been going on for some years.

It started back in 2006 when I had started to notice that my hearing wasn’t great, I went to the doctors who sent me to see an Ear’s Nose and Throat specialist. They carried out a hearing test and put a small camera down my nose (which want not a nice experience) to check that everything was ok, the only thing that came back was my hearing wasn’t great in one ear and they said that there was nothing really that they could do. I never really thought much of it after that…

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