Board game club – Catan

If you like board games,  then I suggest that you take a look at Catan.  It’s a unique,  fun gaming experience, that is  suitable for beginners as an introduction to strategy board games, but has enough variation for  seasoned gamers. The goal of the game is to build settlements on the island of Catan, the games focus is on using your resources wisely,  while also trading with other players and of course building your settlement. There game is suitable for 3 to 4 players and ages 10+. It’s more of a pricey game at £44.99 but I think that it is worth it. Catan has been around for quite some time even winning the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) back in 1995!

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My Sunday Photo

This weeks photo was an impulsive stop the car moment as we were driving home from having a family meal out, all four of us jumped out trying to get the best photo we could. The weather had been pretty crap all day with the sky just full of grey, gloomy clouds.

As you can see the reason we stopped, the sky just looked so inviting with the sun making an appearance and the surroundings just beautiful. I didn’t have anything on me other than my iPhone, this is the panoramic photo that I took.

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