My Sunday Photo

This weeks photo was an impulsive stop the car moment as we were driving home from having a family meal out, all four of us jumped out trying to get the best photo we could. The weather had been pretty crap all day with the sky just full of grey, gloomy clouds.

As you can see the reason we stopped, the sky just looked so inviting with the sun making an appearance and the surroundings just beautiful. I didn’t have anything on me other than my iPhone, this is the panoramic photo that I took.

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Blog On MSI 2017

Now this was a day I was looking forward to, its has to be my favourite Blogging conference. If you don’t know anything about Blog On here’s a little information.

Blog On is run by Laura of Tired Mummy of Two – I honestly don’t know how she does it, she has an awesome team behind her and an Alice, now I think that everyone should have an Alice in their life she’s jut so lovely. The event is held of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, it’s for bloggers all over the Uk. They run amazing sessions where you can learning things from photography to advanced blogging, beginners session if you are just starting out. To be honest they pretty much cover all the things you need to know. As well as the sessions, they also have lots of brand who attend that would love to work with bloggers.

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