Dobble – Review

Are you like me when we are heading out for meals,and while you are waiting for food to arrive. Which sometimes can take a while, you find your kids wanting to go on you phone, or they have bought some tech device with them…. It can get a bit frustrating. Or even long car journey where all you hear is Are we there yet?


DobbleSo when I got the chance to take a look at the game Dobble at Blog On this year I thought it would be a great game to throw in my handbag for occasions where we are having to wait for food etc. We are big gamers in our house with a growing collection of board games and Dobble has been a family favourite for a few weeks now.


You can see its perfect to go in a handbag.Dobble

A little more about Dobble its a game for between 2 and 8 players aged 6+. Players compete with  each other to find a matching symbol on their card to another card. All the cards have different symbols on them but they also have one symbol that is on all the other cards too. Finding a match can sometimes be difficult as you are under pressure to find a match before someone else does. There are also 5 other ways to play with this game and that’s always great to keep us on our toes and not get bored with just one game to play.


We have really enjoyed playing Dobble and it can sometimes get a bit competitive between me and the Mr, but I think clearly I

have better eyesight than him lol. You can see here the face of a winner and the fave of a loser can you tell which is which??

Dobble winner

We have taken this game with us to quite a few places so far and it also means that sometime we can be a bit rowdy but people seem to be interested in knowing what game we are playing.

I really do think this is a game we will be playing for a long time and well I think I need to buy extras so we can keep them in the car to for those long journeys and at the price of £12.99 on amazon I cant complain.

I have even discovered that there is a Star Wars version of Dobble for all you Star Wars fan out there, this will be released in the autumn time along with a  Cars version based on the Disney film. They do have a Finding Dory version available now Dobble

Have you played Dobble before let me know what you think of it.

My month in a minute

Hello all how are we doing? All good I hope.
While at Blog On this year, the lovely Becky, Siân and Lisa (click their names for their blogs) Were busy filming things of the day. Which really isn’t that unusual for a blogger to do right…
So when I asked them what they were doing they said they were filming for their month in a minute video. Me being me had never heard of it before, so after asking what it was all about and if you click here Siân tells you more about it on her blog.
But in brief you film little snippets of you day every day for the month and pop it all in to a little video. Now I didn’t think that this would be that difficult to do and after some encouragement from the girls I thought why not it could be fun. I have to admit that I didn’t film every day but I don’t think that I did too bad for my first attempt.
Click the video and see what I got up to this month, I am already planning on doing another one of these, it makes a change from taking photos all the time.

 Why don’t you join in, next time.
You're not from round here



Dear Troll,

First I would like to thank you for your concern and the amount of time and effort you put in to finding information out and then telling me in a lovely comment.

I get that when you put yourself out there on the internet, you’re bound to get some people /someone who might want to attack you and for no real reason.

You’re person who sits behind a screen and taps away hurtful and down right rude things about someone you don’t even know or may have never met. I do wonder what is going on in your own life for you to feel and say such hurtful comments to someone else who has done nothing to hurt you. Then moving on the next person you want to attack, hoping that they will fall apart at your pathetic comment.

Have you even taken the time to think about what is going on in that person’s life? No I don’t think you have.

Do you even think about how that person may feel what they read that rude and hurtful comment?  Probably not.

Tell me what would you do if that person was really struggling and took your comment so seriously that they MIGHT thats if the believe what you are saying, do something drastic to themselves for an example and this is EXTREME but to end their life, did you think about that??? i didn’t think so because you sit there hiding away, stewing in your own self-pity to bring others down to your level.

This it my little nook on the internet and I thank your for taking the time to come  and visit and visit my other social media accounts, did you know that you are helping  to boost my views which is great for me.

I get to choose what I want to put here on MY Blog and when I want to do it. Just because I haven’t posted about something in a while doesn’t give you  a right to comment on it or anything else that concerns you. I don’t believe anything that I do should affect you at all, but your concern for me well again I will thank you for pointing out some thing and I’m politely telling you to do one!

Have you thought about getting outside to some fresh air I think it  will do you the world of good, as I am concerned that sitting behind that computer screen isn’t doing your health or mental health any good.


Yours Sincerely